Inmotion SCV R1 EX Segway Alternative Personal Electric Transporter Info and Cost

Inmotion SCV Cost price is only $2499.00

What is an Imotion scv r1 ex, and the cost of the Inmotion SCV.   An inmotion scv is the worlds lightest electric stand on personal transporter scooter weighing in at only 35 lbs.   The  Inmotion SCV r1 is the newest and coolest mini Segway style personal transporter to come out in a long time and was recently featured at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Below is a Video from Sascha Segan of pc magazine Demonstrating the Inmotion scv at the 2014 Consumer Electonics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada

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The Inmotion SCV uses sophisticated computer controlled gyroscopes just like the segways do to help keep and maintain your balance on a robotic platform.  The Inmotion SCV works just like the segways that are for sale.  ( The inmotion scv r1 is not a segway and is not affiliated with the Segway Electric Personal Transporter in any kind of way. )

The Inmotion scv is not to be confused with a segway as the inmotion is not a segway but meant to be a good segway alternative to the segways for sale, and with the cost of the inmotion scv being only $2499.00 compared to some segways that can cost $5000 or more the inmotion scv is a real bargain.

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The Inmotion will run about 9 mph before it will gently pull you back to keep from going to fast.  The inmotion SVC also has clear english speaking voice prompts to inform you of the different commands.  ( SCV Misspelled on purpose ) The inmotion scv r1 can be programmed with your own voice prompts if you wish to change them to add that personal touch to the Transporter.

Below we have a video of some of the voice Prompts from the Inmotion SCV

As you can see from the video above the Inmotion SCV has a pretty neat voice function.  Not only does the Inmotion have clear voice prompts,  you can hook your Inmotion up through GPS by your smart phone or tablet and even Remote Control the Inmotion SCV (Remote Control Requires A Blue tooth connection to a smart phone or tablet )

inmotion scv

Inmotion SCV Smart Remote

The inmotion scv r1 also comes with a 20 pre-set smart remote control to do various tasks with the Inmotion scv. ( The inmotion scv can only be remote controlled through blue tooth from either and android or apple smart phone or tablet )

mini segway alternative inmotion scv r1

Inmotion SCV Body is sleek, cook and sexy

The measurements of the inmotion scv r1 ex are 13.3″ wide” X 19.2″ Deep X 56.6″ high ( Adjustable height )  and weighs around 35 lbs. The inmotions scv works off of the most state of the art lithion ion batteries available and will go 12- 18 miles on a fully charged Battery.   The Battery on the inmotion scv will charge in about 2 -5 hrs if you run the inmotion completely dead.  If you do not run the inmoiton battery completely dead it usually only takes an hour or two to completely recharge the inmotion scv.

The Inmoton comes in two speeds, a beginner mode and a regular cruise mode.  It is highly recommended that you use the beginner mode until you are comfortable enough with the Inmotion SCV so you can relax and go faster.  This will prevent you from hurting your self or damaging your property.  Remember the Inmotion SCV is a balancing Scooter just like the segways and if you have never rode a balancing transporter before it is highly recommend that you have a spotter the first time you attempt to ride the Inmotion SCV.

Special Notes about the Inmotion SCV

The Handlebar on the Inmotion scv is made out of carbon fiber with rubber grips for easily handling.  The Handlebar is designed so that you can easily attach the Docking Station accessory to the Inmotion scv  to use your iphone or Ipad.  ( See Below )  Yes The Inmotion scv has an optional smart phone/ipad docking station that can be purchased seperately.  This little accessory for the inmotion scv will allow you to ride around with your inmotion taking pictures and even recording your favorite events while your ipad or iphone is attached to your Inmotion scv. The handlebar is also designed to hold your smart remote control as well.

inmotion scv handlebar

Elegant Inmotion SCV Handlebar

The Turning Shaft on the Inmotion SCV R1 Ex is adjustable and detachable and made out of light weight magnesium allow and has rubber grips for easy handling.   The Turning Shaft on the Inmotion scv has a quick release lock so you can easily detach the Shaft when you are ready to pack it up and go somewhere else and is even adjustable.

inmotion scv r1 ex turning shaft

Inmmotion SCV Telescopic Turning Shaft

The Battery Pack on the Inmotion SCV is Removable ( plug and play type of deal )

inmotion scv battery pack

Inmotion SCV Battery Pack

The Inmotion SCV comes with an energy recycling system.  When you are traveling down hill or coasting with the Inmotion SCV the power is regenerated back into the Battery for increased efficiency and a longer drive time.

Not only is the Inmotion SCV Sexy, the Inmotion SCV has an intelligent footboard and tubeless tires.  Between the smart intelligent footboard on the Inmotion SCV and the Tubeless tires for a smooth ride, you simply can’t go wrong with an inmotion scv.  Especially when you compare the cost of an inmotion scv to a Segway for sale.  I can’t think of any Segway for sale that has this kind of technology in it that looks this stylish.

Inmotion SCV Practical Applications and uses

inmotion scv r1 applications

Inmotion SCV Practical Uses

The Inmotion SCV can be used for all types of situations including work and play.  If The Inmotion SCV is used as a personal transporter for the entire purpose of having fun,  you will quickly find out that the Inmotion SCV encourages one to get out and enjoy the outdoors more than you normally would.

The Inmotion SCV is priceless at events like car shows, festivals and even Zoo’s just to name a few.   Once you have experienced the Inmotion in any of the before mentioned places it will be much more enjoyable when you do not have to get tired from walking around. ( The Inmotion can zip in and out of just about anywhere you can think of with it’s small footprint and light weight )

Below a Video Demonstrates the Ruggedness of the Inmotion SCV in Snow

The Inmotion SCV R1 EX is not limited to just play.  The inmotion SCV is very practical to use in many work situations as well.  The Inmotion SCV can make your work a lot easier and more efficient as you will get more accomplished when you do not have to walk.  DR.’s, Nurses, Office personal and even Rest Home workers just to name a few will dramatically benefit from the ease and convience of the the inmotion scv.

No more long walks up and down those long hallways of your establishment.   Why walk when you can ride.  The inmotion scv r1 is meant to be a fun and enjoyable personal transporter that is not only fun to ride and play with, but also very practical for making your job more efficient and saving you time and money.

Inmotion SCV R1 EX Accessories

The Inmotion SCV is the complete package offering a variety of Accessories to help you enjoy the Inmoton SCV to the fullest extent of it’s capabilities.   Not all of the Accessories listed below may be immediately available.

Inmotion SCV short handle bar

Short Handlebar for the Inmotion SCV

With the Inmotion’s Short turning shaft you do not even have to use your hands to guide the inmotion scv anymore.  The inmotion SCV can be operated with just your legs, allowing for more tasks to be completed and enjoyed without the need to physically use your arms and hands to guide the Inmotion SCV with. ( How cool is that )

inmotion scv r1 ipad docking station

Inmotion SCV Ipad docking station

The optional docking Station for the Inmotion SCV attaches right to the handlebar of the Inmotion SCV so you can use your smart phone or ipad tablet for multiple tasks, including but not limited to work, pleasure and play.

inmotion scv r1 parking frame

Inmotion SCV parking frame

The inmotion SCV’s parking frame is another great accessory to have for the Inmotion SCV  If you’re concerned about your inmotion scv bouncing around in the trunk of your car and getting scratched and dinged up,  than this is a must have accessory.  The Parking frame will secure your inmotion scv r1 and prevent it from being knocked around and getting scratched up.

Inmotion SCV Dust cover

Inmotion SCV Dust Cover Accessory

Don’t want your new Inmotion SCV exposed to dust and dirt when not in use or in storage?  Then the Dust cover for the inmotion scv is an optional accessory that you do not want to be without.  While dust and dirt will not hurt your new Inmotion SCV, with the dust cover your inmotion scv will stay new looking and shiny longer.

inmotion scv r1 ex bag

Space age Inmotion SCV Bag

The optional Bag for the Inmotion SCV is very stylish and practical.   With the inmotion scv bag you can store a variety of items, including but not limited to your wallet, phone, ipad, and important documents just to name a few.  The bag is meant so that you can carry things around without the need to have them on your person.

Turn Your Speakers Up and Fall In Love with the Inmotion all over Again

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inmotion scv cost is only $2499.00

inmotion scv price is only $2499.00

What can a Segway Inmotion SCV Be Used For    

The main focus of this post is to give you some ideas and ways you can use your inmotion SCV Personal Transporter.

So you ordered an Inmotion SCV or thinking about buying a segway alternative inmotion SCV personal transporter and are wondering what can you do with it or what are you going to do with it once you get it.  There are many things you can do with an inmotion scv R1 Personal Transporter.

First what is up with the Inmotion SCV and it’ long tail name…. Inmotion scv r1 EX? An Inmotion SCV r1 EX is the Specific model name the manufacturer gave to the inmotion scv.  The long name suggests that there may be future models of the Inmotion SCV later on.

A Segway Style Inmotion SCV transporter is a very economical and fun mini segway style personal electric transporter that can be used for many things including work and play, and doesn’t come with the segway cost or segway prices.  The Inmotion SCV Cost Price is only $2499.00 compared to some segways that sell for well over $5000.00 or more.

Examples of how a Segway Style Inmotion can make your life better.

Ok have you ever been to a Zoo? Lots of walking and sight seeing right? Up and down rolling hills, in an out of diferent animal themed crevices and corners, in and out, up and down, back and forth, and lets not forget the heat of a summer day all the while trying to enjoy the Animals with your kids and not getting tired. It’s enough to make you tired just to think about it.

Now picture you and your family on a Segway Style Inmotion SCV cruising around the same zoo. NO more getting tired from walking, no more complaining if the little one wants to go back and see the lion or tiger again.  No more ill spells cause you are tired and just want to go home. ( Even your kid will go to complaining after while of being tired and walking, it’s just natural to loose interest when your give out )

When you have an imotion SCV going to the zoo ( or anywhere as we will talk about ) is an entirely new experience. When you have an inmotion SCV personal transporter cruising you around the same zoo you will find that seeing the animals is allot more enjoyable for you and your family, for no other reason than the fact you do not have to walk up and down those hills all day long. Why walk when you can ride? We bring up zoo’s because it’s a very clear example of how the quality of your lifes experiences can dramtically be improved with technology.  It’s not just zoo’s, that’s just one fun example.

Lets go to a Car show or Festival without the Inmotion SCV as many of us have done.  Some car shows and festivals can cover many acres of land and just seem to go on forever.  Most of us get tired before we can enjoy the entire event or see all the sights.  It can be Very tiresome walking around enjoying the sights and sounds of the festival especially if it’s 100 degrees outside and the festival seems to go on into infinity.

Now lets get on the 35 lb highly portable inmotion scv electric personal transporter.  Now were talking,  No more walking, sweating and getting tired and run down. You can cruise around with the Inmotion SCV and have so much better of a time than without it.  The Inmotion SCV just makes life easier and more enjoyable for everything, especially if it involves allot of constant walking and the heat of the sun.

Below we have the Inmotion Being Check out at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show

We know the Segway Style Inmotion can be used for fun, but what about work. The Segway style Inmotion SCV Transporter could be used in Major Hospitals for one,   Dr’s, Nurses and Staff can and could benefit from the Inmotion SCV.  If you have ever been to a major hospital before ( Like Chapel HILL, NC ) then you are aware that where you park your car can be what seems like a mile walk from where you actually want to go.  For visitors of the Hostpital it’s pretty self explanitory why you would want an inmotion scv, but what about the staff of the hospital?

The staff of any Hospital or Hospitality Service could easily dart around from one office in the corner of this building to the office in the corner of the next building delivering samples, paper work, or any verbal information, this will and would save an unimaginable amount of transit time and make the job much more efficient.  As we all know, Sometimes time in a hospital or any medical establishment can be very critical when things need to get done right away.

The Inmotion SCV’s uses doesn’t stop there oh no.  There are unlimited uses for the Inmotion SCV Personal Transporter as you are about to discover, and with the cost of the inmotion scv being so cheap to operate, you just can’t go wrong.

Lets take a trip to the beach with the Inmotion SCV.  Can you imagine how much more fun and enjoyable the Inmotion SCV can make your experience? You no longer have to walk down to the board walk or walk down that long pier to catch a fish or to take in the fresh air.  You can now cruise, then stop and enjoy, cruise some more and enjoy some more without being fatigued or thinking about going back to your room for a nap or mid day break. With the Inmotion SCV acting as your legs there is no reason for you to to feel tired and run down after a few minutes because you are no longer walking everywhere you have to go.

Demonstration Video of the Inmotion SCV R1 in Snow


The Inmotion SCV as you are beginning to see has many many advantages in life that can make your experiences so much more fun and enjoyable. With the Inmotion SCV being so portable and practical I cannot think of one thing the Inmotion SCV would not be great for.  From simply getting out and enjoying life to making many jobs and careers more efficient and economical, the Inmotion SCV is the answer to all your Personal Transportation Needs.

Find your Purpose for the Inmotion SCV Today

The Inmotion SCV Cost is Only $2499.00

Is an Inmotion a segway and the cost of inmotion scv for sale and price information

Below is a little more Information About the Inmotion SCV

If you are ready to buy and inmotion SCV or would like more in depth information or 2 Free Brochures for the Inmotion SCV visit the links Below or email us.


Is the Inmotion a Segway?  No the Inmotion scv is not made by segway or affiliated with the segway brand in any way.  The Inmotion SCV is the Latest Segway Style personal Transporter to come along in quite a while and doesn’t come with the segway cost or segway price.

So what is an inmotin scv r1 ex. ( Inmotion scv for short ). An inmotion SCV is a stand on, stand up, electrically powered personal electric transporter. An Inmotion scv uses gyroscopes and computers to assist you in balancing yourself on a robotic platform. Contrary to beliefs no balancing transporter balances itself when you step up on it. The Gyroscopes, sensors and computers in all balancing transporters work in tandum with you and your balance to help you attain balance on the transporter. ( unless it’ being operated with your smart phone like the inmotion can be and in which case you cannot be on it in this operation )

The Segway alternative Inmotion SCV was recently revealed at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada for a low price of $2499.00 which is half of some of the segway that are for sale. The Inmotion and has been dubbed the inmotion segway by many news crews and even going so far as to call it the segway killer.

Although the Inmotion is not made by segway or affiliated with them in any way, the Inmotion scv in a sense is a mini segway alternative, and has been widely accepted in the Personal Transportation Industry as a good Segway Alternative without the segway cost or segway prices that come with the segways for sale.

The Inmotion SCV mini segway alternaive is made in china by Inmotion Technologies and run by a very smart and savy inventor by the Name of Aaron GUO who sees the Inmotion and it’s New technological break throughs as just the beginning. The Inmotion has been sold in over 40 countries to date and is now set to take the usa by storm. Aaron faced many hurdles bringing the Inmotion SCV to the United States, but through sheer determinating and persistance he has finally done it, and now the inmotion is now officially for sale in the usa.

Before you rush out and buy an Inmotion SCV please be aware that the Inmotion SCV works just like a segway does. Segways as well as any personal balancing transporter requires you to be able to step up on an elevated platform unassisted and be able to balance yourself with the assistance of the sensors under the foot pedal of the Personal Transporter. If you have never been on a Personal transporter that requires you to step up and keep balance then it is highly recommended that have a spotter the first time you step up on one.

When you step up on In motion SCV or any Electric Stand on Scooter for the first time it can be a weird sensation. One that makes you almost feel out of control, as your first reaction will be to keep your balance, which causes a rapid back and forth movement with the transporter. The rapid back and forth movement as your adjusting has been dubbed the segway shuffle or bucking bronco effect.  About 50 – 60 percent of the people we demonstrate the Inmotion sCV to have this issue to begin with, ( Step up and then suddenly your violently struggling to keep from falling off ) Whats actually happening when you step up on an Inmotion SCV or any Balancing scooter is your over adjusting to the machine and it causes this rapid back and forth movement as you are attempt to adjust to it, and if it’s your very, very first time on one, it could get away from you while you are attempting to adust to the Transporter.

If you have never been on a Stand on Personal Transporter before it is highly advised and recommended that you have a spotter or someone to stand in front of you and hold the handlebar still until you are comfortable enough with your balance as you step up. After a few minutes of guiding folks around and letting them practice with it, everyone we have demonstrated our Personal Transporters to have gotten the hang of it in just a few minutes. some people pick up on it allot faster than others. We’ve had some folks who just stand right up on it like it’s no big deal, they seem to instantly get it, while others we have to take a little more time with until they are comfortable enough to go it alone.

Information about the Inmotion SCV R1 Ex

The Inmotin SCV weighs about 31 lbs and will run about 12 -18 miles on a charged battery. The Battery is a Lithion Ion Battery and powers two 700 watt motors for a total of 1400 watts of power. The Inmotion SCV has an all new concept plug and play type battery that can easily be taken out for easy charging or replacement. No more complicated wires and harness if you need a replacement battery as a back up or just want to keep an extra one on stand by. You can ride while charging the other.

The Inmotion SCV also has a Graphite Telescopic steering rod that is easily removable for transportation or storage. Simply unsnap the Rod and take it off. The height is also adjustable on the Inmotion SCV steering rod to accomidate just about any height of rider who wants to ride. Children as well as adults can enjoy the Inmotion SCV R1.

Inmotion SCV Attachments ( Subject to Availability )

The Inmotion SCV comes with many many attachments as well including a Parking Frame for your car trunk, Dust Cover, Iphone – Ipad docking station, Space age bag, and an optional Short steering rod so you can operate the Inmotion SCV hands free.

The Inmotion SCV parking frame can be mounted in your car or vehicle to keep the Inmotion SCV r1 from bouncing around during transit and getting scrated up. The parking frame is not necessary but will keep the Inmotion SCV in a secure place as you travel.

The Dust Cover can be used when you want to store the Inmotion sVC for any amount of time. Dust will not hurt the Inmoton SCV but for those who want to keep their inmotion Shiny and new looking this is an excellent option to have.

The iphone- ipad docking station allows you to attach your iphone or tablet to the Handlebar so you can perform a variety of functions, including taking pictures and video recording you and your friends.

The Bag is pretty self explanatory. You can keep all your belongings in the bag and not on your person while you enjoy the freedom of the Inmotion SCV without the hassle of having to hold your stuff.

The Short Steering shaft on the Inmotion SCV R1 gives the rider the complete freedom of riding without hand movement, this is one accessory which can be used in many applications with work as well as play.

Not only is the inmotion fun and exciting with it’s led lights that light up and even speak, the In motion SCV has many practical uses in the work enviroment that can save you tons of time on your work

If you would like more information about the Inmotion SCV or see some videos then visit our sites below or see some of the other posts in this Blog about the Inmotion SCV.