Inmotion SCV and the Cost and Price of the Inmotion SCV

The Inmotion SCV personal Electric Transporter is made by Inmotion Technologies.  The Inmotion SCV is now being sold in over 40 countries world wide and is set to take the usa by storm.  With the price – cost of the inmotion SCV being less than half of some of the Segway for sale, the Inmotion SCV is a good alternative to the segways for sale.

The Inmotion SCV r1 cost is only $2499.00

Below we have a very Touching Video of the Inmotion SCV R1 EX

Below we have a video by Luke Westaway from c/net Demonstrating the Inmotion SCV at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in las Vegas.  Watch closely as he explains some of the Unique features of the Inmotion SCV.  With the Price being only $2499  ( Half the cost of a segway for sale ) you simply can’t go wrong with the Inmotion SCV.

( Watch the Video Closely to Learn More about the Inmotion SCV Functions )

To order or buy your Inmotion SCV Today visit 


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