Inmotion SCV Operation

Here we Demonstrate how to Operate the Segway Style Inmotion SCV

The Inmotion SCV is a Very Dependable mini Segway Style Transporter that works off the same principal as the more expensive segway for sale on the market.   The Inmotion SCV is not a segway or affiliated with segway in any way shape or form.

The Inmotion has it’s on design and control patents and was recently shown off at the 2014 consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, Nevada where it received some pretty high praises by some pretty well know News crews.

Below we have a Video Demonstrating how to use and operate the Inmotion SCV and get to know it a little better Before You attempt to ride it.   Please always get a spotter if you have never ridden an Inmotion,  even if you are familiar with the segways and how they operate.

The Inmotion SCV works off the same principal as the more expensive segways for sale but is a little more sensative due to the fact that it weights only 35 lbs, and may take a little practice until you are comfortable enough to go it alone.


Ready to Buy Inmotion SCV ?   Cost or Price of the Inmotion? Give us a Call


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